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Less stress, more well-being

Maca & Chill - take your time out from everyday stress with Mighty Maca and do something good for your muscles and your mindset.

4 vegetable protein sources provide you with 20g of protein as well as all essential amino acids. And with the adaptogen Maca, which makes our Pure Plant Protein so special, you'll keep your cool even in stressful situations.

But that's not all! The minerals iron, calcium, zinc and copper are also present in Mighty Maca and make the protein powder a real all-rounder.

5️⃣ Facts about Adaptogens

  1. The word "adaptogen" is derived from "to adapt".
  2. Adaptogens are biologically active plant substances, often herbs, roots or fungi, which are said to have special benefits for your well-being due to their active ingredient complexes.🍄
  3. Well-known adaptogens include ashwagandha, ginseng, maca root, rose root, and ginkgo. 🌿
  4. These particular plants usually grow in regions where they must adapt to extreme environmental conditions such as cold, sun exposure, or drought.⛅
  5. Adaptogens are said to help the organism adapt better in situations of physical and emotional stress.💪

💪 Maca - the secret weapon of the Incas

Maca is considered the miracle tuber of the Inca and is full of nutrients for your inner balance. They include valuable antioxidants, minerals such as calcium, iron and zinc, as well as B vitamins and fiber.

And the protein content of about 10% makes the tuber also an excellent source of vegetable protein.

🌟 What makes Sunrich special

Sunrich Mighty Maca
4 high quality vegetable protein sources
complete amino acid profile
natural taste
covers 58% of the daily requirement of iron
only natural ingredients and free of additives

Other protein powders
❌ mostly only 1 protein source with low quality
❌ only single amino acids represented
❌ artificial taste
❌ often no additional minerals or vitamins
❌ contains artificial flavors and sweeteners

🥄 How to take Sunrich

You can take Mighty Maca daily in conjunction with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle to improve your vitality.

To optimize the benefits and increase your superpower, we recommend taking 30 grams daily (2 scoops). Best prepared in filtered water, herbal drinks or smoothies - the choice is yours.

📦 COVID-19 Delivery Note

Good news: Shipment of our products has continued without disruption. We are monitoring the situation around the spread of Covid-19 very closely. We have tightened health and hygiene rules in our warehouse to protect our team, business partners and community to minimise the risk of infection.

Our protein powder is produced fresh in small quantities. Due to the pandemic and increased demand, some flavours may be temporarily sold out. In rare cases, there may be delivery delays of 1-3 business days.

We ask for your understanding, and thank you for your patience! We’re always doing our best to ship orders as soon as possible. 🙏

🤞 Our promise 

100% natural & plant-based

Sustainable & eco-friendly raw materials

No added sugar, preservatives, or flavour additives

💝 What's inside

✅ 100% natural ingredients
✅ valuable dietary fiber
✅ 4 different vegetable protein sources
✅ complete amino acid profile

❌ free from preservatives
❌ free of flavorings
❌ free from sweeteners
❌ naturally gluten-free and lactose-free

🌿 Ingredients and nutrition

Ingredients: Organic pea protein powder, organic brown rice protein powder, organic hemp protein powder, organic pumpkin seed powder, organic banana fruit powder, organic maca powder, organic psyllium husk powder.

DE-ÖKO-001. From EU/non-EU agriculture. May contain traces of mustard and sesame seeds.

Notes: Not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake. Close after opening, store in a cool, dry place and out of reach of small children. The product is not suitable for children with a body weight below 30kg.

Net quantity: 300g (approx. 10 servings).

🔍 Nutrition table 

Macronutrients Sunrich Mighty Maca:
Average nutritional values
Calories (kJ/kcal)
Fat (g)
- of which saturated fat (g)
Carbohydrates (g)
- of which sugar (g)
Dietary fibre (g)
Protein (g)
Sodium (g)
Per 100 g
1601/ 383
Per 30 g
480/ 115

Vitamins Sunrich Mighty Maca:


Vitamin K from organic pea protein and organic hemp protein

Per 30 g

10 µg

% RA*


Minerals Sunrich Mighty Maca:
Per 30 g
243 mg
49.8 mg
8.2 mg
1.4 mg
1.46 mg
0.7 mg
1.5 µg
% RA*
Amino Acids Sunrich Beautiful Berry:
Average content
Per 30 g  
911 mg
1809 mg
Aspartic Acid
1881 mg
204 mg
Glutamic Acid
3173 mg
812 mg
472 mg
846 mg
1563 mg
1017 mg
299 mg
1035 mg
843 mg
965 mg
681 mg
133 mg
811 mg
1034 mg

* RA = Reference amount according to VO (EU) 1169/2011 for an average adult

🥄 Flavour

The taste of our Pure Plant Protein is very natural and subtle, as we completely avoid sweeteners or flavors.

Elina from @bare_minds:
"Through @sunrich.official I learned that proteins for collagen and keratin serve as building blocks for skin, hair and nails."

sABRIEfrom @sminderella:
"My protein powder from Sunrich tastes great & is in no way inferior to other non-vegan alternatives - Selfcare is caring about myself & my environment ❤️"

Paula from @laufvernarrt:
"I used the vegan and 100% natural Pure Plant Protein from @sunrich.official, which not only tastes incredibly delicious, but is also free from artificial flavors, additives and sweeteners. High quality protein, a few superfoods - nothing else 🤩" 

Which amino acids are contained in Pure Plant Protein?

Mighty Maca has all the amino acids that your body needs to build protein structures. 9 of them are essential, which means that you can not produce them yourself in sufficient quantities and must therefore take them from food. This is where our Pure Plant Protein comes in, because it contains histidine, isoleucine, leucine, lysine, methionine, phenylalanine, threonine, tryptophan and valine - all 9 essential amino acids!

What is Maca?

The contained adaptogen Maca comes from the Maca medicinal plant, which has been growing in Peru for centuries and was already known by the Incas for its effect.

It has earned its reputation as a superfood, because the small tuber contains many vital substances as well as essential fatty acids and proteins.

Unfortunately, we are not allowed to tell you more due to the health claims regulation, but we motivate you to take a look at one of the many scientific studies that describe the effects of Maca in more detail.

Can I lose weight with Sunrich Mighty Maca?

Sunrich Mighty Maca is low in sugar (1.4g sugar per serving) and is therefore a good addition to your diet. The addition of valuable fiber keeps you satiated longer and the high percentage of protein provides your muscles optimally.

For weight loss, however, it is important to exercise enough, cover all macro and micronutrients and aim for a calorie deficit.

What is the protein content?

Mighty Maca contains 20g of protein per serving (30g). Of course, we could have made a protein powder where the majority of the serving would be protein, but then it would only build muscle and not the whole body.

Since we see the body as a whole, it was important for us to add organic superfoods like camu camu and important minerals like iron. So your body is in tune with your mind and you can train much better. If you still don't have enough protein, you can always add a scoop.

What does Mighty Maca taste like?

The taste of our Pure Plant Protein is very natural and subtle, as we completely avoid sweeteners or flavors. The advantage? You can mix the powder, for example, in your smoothie without fear of tasting the often typical, very artificial protein powder taste.

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