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GLOW ON - Fruit Bites with Iron + Vitamin C

GLOW ON - Fruit Bites with Iron + Vitamin C

Pure Fruit + Iron + Vitamin C

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Get THAT Glow: Shine bright from the inside with our yummy vegan gummies! 

With the goodness of pure fruit and valuable nutrients: These berrylicious treats are made from 100% natural ingredients. No added sugar¹, sugar substitutes, or artificial additives!


☆ 94% pure fruit: Apple + Blackcurrant

☆ Focus & Energy: Iron contributes to the reduction of fatigue and tiredness, as well as a normal energy metabolism

☆ Skin & Immunity: Vitamin C increases iron absorption and contributes to normal collagen formation for a normal skin

☆ 100% Natural, vegan, gluten-free and no added sugar¹ or sugar substitutes.

¹naturally contains sugar 

Treat yourself to GLOW ON, the most delicious part of your skincare routine! 

With your order, you will receive one jar x 132 g (= 60 Fruit Bites per jar) delicious food supplement with iron and vitamin C made from pure fruit purée.

¹ Naturally contains sugar

It's a Match!

It's a match: Studies have shown that vitamin C can increase the absorption of iron.

Vitamin C also has an antioxidant effect, which means it has the ability to scavenge free radicals before they cause damage to the body. Not only does it play an important role in supporting numerous functions of the immune system, but it also helps the appearance of the skin! Vitamin C is necessary for the formation of collagen, which is instrumental in maintaining firm skin.

Get THAT Glow with GLOW ON!

Product Info

Your holistic, vegan glow boost! Fruit Bites GLOW ON contain per daily serving:

☆ 94% fruit (apple and currant purée)
☆ 75% of your daily requirement of vitamin C
☆ 24 % of your daily requirement of iron

With your order you will receive 132 g of delicious food supplement to chew (= 60 Fruit Bites per can) made of pure fruit puree.


94% fruit (61% apple juice concentrate, 21% apple puree concentrate, 12% black currant puree), 2.9% ascorbic acid (vitamin C), gelling agent: pectin; lemon juice concentrate, citrus fiber, natural flavor, iron (ferrous lactate).

🌿100% natural and vegan🌿

Notes: Not a substitute for a varied, balanced diet and healthy lifestyle. Do not exceed the recommended daily intake indicated. After opening, please close and store in a cool, dry place and always out of reach of children.

Recommended Intake

3 Fruit Bites per Day

Product Size

1 jar = 60 pieces

As with all our products, we also pay attention to sustainability and responsibility when it comes to packaging.

The Fruit Bites cans are therefore made of 100% recycled PET, and the lids are made of 100% aluminum, one of the most recyclable materials.


What makes Fruit Bites GLOW ON so special?
👉 Finally, health care that's fun: Fruity and delicious from 100% natural ingredients for sweet moments without any sweeteners - because we trust in the sweetness of nature: With fabulous 94% pure fruit from apple and currant. Only 3 Fruit Bites GLOW ON make you shine with their delicious berry taste and valuable vitamin C + iron!

Are the Fruit Bites GLOW ON vegan?
👉 100%

Can I eat the Fruit Bites every day?
👉 Of course!

Can I eat more than 3 Fruit Bites GLOW ON a day?
👉 Should you ever snack on one Fruit Bite more or less, that is of course no problem. However, please remember that this is a high-dose dietary supplement. For unlimited snacking, feel free to check out our other snacks ;)

Can I give my kids a Fruit Bite?
👉 You can't deny anyone ONE Fruit Bite in honor.... but please be sure to remember that this is a dietary supplement formulated for adults, not children.

Can I eat Fruit Bites during pregnancy/breastfeeding?
👉 As with all high-dose supplements, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult a healthcare professional before taking.

Can I take Fruit Bites GLOW ON together with other HER ONE products?
👉 All our formulas are coordinated with each other, so you can combine them perfectly with our other products.

Are Fruit Bites GLOW ON gluten-free?
👉 100%

Why did I receive a product in the old / new design?
👉 No more playing small - we are making a statement with our new design. Empowerment, growth, self-confidence: her1 is now HER ONE.

For the sake of sustainability, we're currently shipping products in both the classic and new design. Congratulations if you're one of the few who still managed to grab the iconic collectibles in the old look ;-) You can be sure that there is no difference in the content, no matter which package you got. New name, new look - same great quality.


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