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ENERGIZE ME – Fruit Bites with Iron

ENERGIZE ME – Fruit Bites with Iron

Pure Fruit + Iron

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Soft, chewy, and delicious Fruit Bites with bioavailable iron. Our berry-liciously sweet & natural approach to supplementation and nourishment!

Our vegan gummies are made from 100 % natural ingredients for clean and effective food for thought:


☆ Mental Performance: iron helps reduce fatigue and tiredness, and iodine contributes to normal cognitive function

☆ Food for Thought: Iron contributes to normal oxygen transport in the body, as well as normal cognitive function. 

☆ Support your Metabolism with 97% pure fruit + iron, which contributes to normal energy metabolism

☆ 100 % Natural, vegan, and without added sugar¹ or sweeteners!

¹ naturally contains sugar

With your order, you will receive one jar of 150g (= 60 Bites per jar) deliciously chewy Fruit Bites made from pure fruit purée + iron.

3 Fun Facts about Blackcurrant

☆ The leaves, bark and roots have been used in traditional medicine for decades

☆ Vitamin C Champs: 100g of the berries contain around 4 x more Vitamin C than the same amount of lemons!

☆ Besides a lot of Vitamin C, the berries contain many other valuable vitamins and minerals

Product Info

Fruit Bites ENERGIZE ME contain per daily serving:

☆ 95, 85% pure fruit
☆ 46 % of your daily requirement of iron
☆ 100% natural ingredients


97% fruit (63% apple juice concentrate, 22% apple puree concentrate, 12% black currant puree), gelling agent: pectin; lemon juice concentrate, citrus fiber, natural flavor, iron (ferrous lactate).

🌿100% natural and vegan🌿

Recommended Intake

3 Fruit Bites per day

Product Size

1 jar = 60 pieces

As with all our products, we also pay attention to sustainability and responsibility when it comes to packaging.

The Fruit Bites cans are therefore made of 100% recycled PET, and the lids are made of 100% aluminum, one of the most recyclable materials.


Can ENERGIZE ME Fruit Bites stain my teeth?
👉 No. While ENERGIZE ME contains bioavailable iron, it will not stain your teeth like some other iron-containing supplements do.

Are the Fruit Bites ENERGIZE ME vegan?
👉 100%

What makes Fruit Bites ENERGIZE ME special?
👉 Finally Health Care that is fun: Our Fruit Bites are not only super delicious, but also super clean! With an incredible 97% pure fruit, ENERGIZE ME cover 46% of your daily requirement of iron. And with delicious fruit flavor made from 100% natural ingredients. For sugary moments without any sweeteners or frills - because we trust in the sweetness of nature and healthy energy from within!

Can I eat the Fruit Bites every day?
👉 Of course!

Can I eat Fruit Bites ENERGIZE ME during pregnancy/breastfeeding?
👉 As with all high-dose supplements, if you are pregnant or breastfeeding, please consult a healthcare professional before taking them.

Can I give Fruit Bites ENERGIZE ME to my children?
👉 No one can be denied a Fruit Bite in honor - but please be sure to remember that these are nutritional supplements with highly concentrated iron, formulated for adults, not children. From 14 -16, young adults can also enjoy the full benefits of our delicious Fruit Bites, but please consult with a medical professional to be on the safe side.

Can I take the Fruit Bites ENERGIZE ME together with other HER ONE products?
👉 All our formulas are coordinated, so you can combine them perfectly with our other products.

Can I eat more than 3 Fruit Bites a day?
👉 If you want to have one or two more Fruit Bites a day, that's no problem at all. However, please also keep in mind that this is a high-dose dietary supplement.

For unlimited snacking, feel free to check out our other snacks ;)


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