Order and payment

How do I order?

Select your desired HER ONE product(s) on the product page and then click on "Add to cart". Click "Checkout" and enter your contact information and delivery address. If you have a voucher or discount code, you can enter it in the desktop view on the same page. In the mobile view, the field for voucher or discount codes is on the "Payment" page.

In the next step "Shipping" you can enter a different billing address. If you have to pay shipping costs, they will be displayed in this step. Then you can select your payment method in the "Payment" section. Check all your details in the next step and complete your order by clicking on "Buy".

What payment methods are available?

We offer several payment methods. You can choose between: 

‚ÄĘ Credit card
‚ÄĘ PayPal
‚ÄĘ Bank transfer (Klarna)
‚ÄĘ Pay later with Klarna
‚ÄĘ Apple / Google Pay
‚ÄĘ Amazon Pay

How do I use a voucher or discount code?

In the mobile view, you can enter your voucher or discount code during the checkout process in the "Payment" step before you select your payment method. In the desktop view, you can enter the code in the first step of the checkout process.

Info about Pay later with Klarna

We do everything we can to send your package on time. If there is a delay in delivery, and you do not receive your package before the payment deadline set by Klarna, you have the option to pause your payment with Klarna to avoid unnecessary reminder fees.  

To do this, log in to your Klarna account, open your order and click the button "Report a problem". Select the option "I did not get my delivery". Klarna will then pause your invoice, extend your payment term and send us a complaint.

Shipping and delivery

What are the shipping costs?

Shipping costs apply if the purchase value is less than 34‚ā¨ (after deduction of all discounts). You can find out if and which shipping costs apply to you¬†here¬†in our table.

In every non-European country, your¬†order is free of shipping costs if the order value is more than 250‚ā¨. If you order for less than 250‚ā¨ from a non-European country, the shipping cost would be 29‚ā¨.¬†Shipping costs will be displayed during the checkout process as soon as you have entered a delivery address.

Please also note that only the first shipment is free. If there are problems with the delivery and the parcel is returned because, for example, you gave an incorrect/incomplete address, refused acceptance or picked up your package too late, we will have to charge you for the return or the resend. Fair, right?

When shipping to countries outside the EU, import taxes, customs duties or handling charges may also apply. These costs are separate from the shipping costs and are charged directly by the shipping service provider.

When will my package be sent?

We do our best to ship your package within three business days. As we want to offer you products that are as fresh as possible and have not been sitting on shelves for months, there may be delays in delivery during busy periods. However, we will always try to give you an approximate delivery date. Please also check your spam folder to see if any of our messages have landed there. You can check the status of your order at any time by clicking on "View order" in your order confirmation email.

Where is my package?

As soon as we hand over your order to our delivery partner, you will receive an email with your tracking number. Click on the number to track your package directly. Please note that it can take up to 24 hours for your order to be available in the tracking system. Also check your spam folder to see if our message has landed there. If there are any difficulties or the tracking link does not work, please contact us via mail under hello@her.one. We are happy to help! 

Damaged and wrong products

I have received the wrong product

We do everything we can to ensure that you receive exactly the items you ordered. However, if we made a mistake when fulfilling your order, please contact us by e-mail: hello@her.one - we will then make sure that you receive your correct order as quickly as possible.

I have received a damaged product

All HER ONE orders are carefully packed. However, if something breaks during transport, please contact us by e-mail: hello@her.one - it's best to send us a photo of the damage right away. We will make sure that you receive a new item to compensate for the damage.

Cancellation and refunds

I would like to cancel my order

We hope you are happy with our products. If you still want to cancel your order, please contact us at hello@her.one so that we can try to process your cancellation. Please note that we cannot cancel your order if it is already packed. In that case, we would have to initiate a return once your order is delivered. 

I want to return an item/my order

We hope you are happy with our products. If you still want to cancel and return an item, please use our¬†returns portal¬†to create a return label (only available for Germany).¬†We will deduct 5‚ā¨ from your refund amount for the return.

If you live outside of Germany, you have to pay for the return shipping yourself. You can find all the necessary information on our returns page.

You don’t need to give a reason for your cancellation, but we are always happy to receive feedback as to why you do not want to try our products. Please note that you would have to pay for the return yourself and we can only accept unopened, original sealed jars and packs.

Please do not send any unfree/non-franked packages to us, as this will result in unnecessarily high costs, which we will deduct from your refund amount.

When do I receive my refund?

As soon as we have received your package in case of a cancellation, we will process your cancellation immediately, at the latest within 10 working days. As soon as we have refunded your purchase amount, you will receive an email. 

Depending on the payment method, it may take up to 14 days until the refund is fully processed. Please note that we can only accept returns of unopened, original sealed jars and packs.

How will my money be refunded?

Your purchase amount will be refunded in the same way as you paid. Depending on the payment method, it can take up to 14 days until the refund is fully processed.

Intake and dosage

How do I take HER ONE probiotic products?

Inner Beauty is best taken in the morning on an empty stomach. Mix two heaped teaspoons (approx. 10g) of Inner Beauty daily with at least 300 ml of water, coconut water, non-dairy milk or add the powder to a smoothie or yoghurt. Take one calcium capsule unchewed with it or separately with some water. Shake, stir or mix in a blender for a smooth consistency.

The daily dose of gut one is one capsule and is ideally taken in the morning on an empty stomach with enough water.

Be careful not to mix the powder and the capsules with hot liquids or food. Also, you should wait 30 minutes before and after taking our products before consuming hot drinks and foods. The probiotics and certain vital substances are sensitive to heat.

What are the effects of the calcium capsules included in Inner Beauty?

We are constantly improving our formulas in order to provide you with even better effects. Because of this, after a lot of research, we developed a digestion booster to give Inner Beauty an upgrade! By additionally taking the calcium capsules, you boost the effect of our Inner Beauty in your body. #pimpyourpinkdrink

But why is taking calcium capsules beneficial, you wonder? 

Digestion booster

Calcium supports your digestive enzymes in their hard work, i.e. calcium helps your digestive enzymes to break down food so that its nutrients and energy can be processed by your body. When your digestive enzymes are functioning well, your body can take advantage of all the minerals and vitamins available in your food (and your Inner Beauty).

Strong nerves

Calcium ensures extra strong nerves by supporting the transmission of stimuli in the nervous system and muscles. The nerves in your digestive tract depend on calcium to communicate with each other and regulate your digestion.


Calcium supports your metabolism by aiding in the conversion of carbs, fats, and proteins into energy. A healthy metabolism will provide you with all the daily power you need.

Can I combine Inner Beauty and gut one?

The intake of Inner Beauty and gut one can be combined, but should be taken alternately because of the high doses of intestinal cultures. One dose of either Inner Beauty or gut one a day is generally enough (that means 2 teaspoons of the Inner Beauty powder or one gut one capsule), preferably in the morning on an empty stomach. When using both products at the same time, you could, for example, proceed on a weekly basis, i.e. one week Inner Beauty and one week gut one, or alternate both products on a daily basis.

How long should I take HER ONE probiotic products?

Probiotics should be part of our daily diet. The intake of probiotics has been proven to have a positive effect on digestive diseases, mental health, and skin, among others. HER ONE products contribute to a balanced intestinal microbiome thanks to a carefully selected mix of bacteria strains. Therefore, consuming Inner Beauty or gut one on a regular basis will help you keep your gut balanced and maintain the number and activity of good gut bacteria in your body. For this reason, we recommend taking probiotics daily.

For Inner Beauty, we recommend starting with a 4-week intensive treatment (2 tsp daily) and then reducing to 1 tsp for long-term use. Because even in the long term, the gut needs support just as much as the rest of your body needs daily vitamins and other nutrients. And if you want to make life a bit easier: with our gut one subscription you will receive your 30-days-doypack of capsules monthly, so you don’t forget about re-ordering! ;)

How do I take HER ONE No Drama?

2 capsules daily on an empty stomach, unchewed, with plenty of cold Water.

Can I take No Drama if I haven't had my first period yet?

All bodies are different. Some people have their periods earlier, and some later in life. No Drama’s harmonizing formulation is designed to support hormonal balance and help you to keep your cool in everyday life. 

Please make sure to check with your doctor before taking No Drama if you’re under 16 years old.

Can I take No Drama if I don't get my period anymore?

Yes! Ashwagandha & Shatavari are said to have a harmonizing effect on body & mind in every phase of life. Especially during and after menopause hormonal balance is a crucial topic and should hence be adressed.

Can No Drama be taken together with HER ONE probiotics in the morning?

Yes. The most important thing is that it’s taken in the morning on an empty stomach. Please also make sure to wait about 30 mins before enjoying a hot drink or food, as the valuable nutrients and bacteria are heat sensitive.

For how long should I take No Drama? 

Herbs, minerals, vitamins and superfoods should be part of our daily diet. Especially the supply of natural magnesium and B vitamins can provide the body with amazing support in everyday life. Thanks to a carefully selected blend of natural plant extracts, medicinal herbs and valuable nutrients, No Drama contributes to a balanced body and mind. For this reason, we recommend taking it daily.

How do I take HER ONE Skin Glow? 

Mix 3 heaped teaspoons (15g) of Skin Glow daily with 300 ml of water, coconut water, non-dairy milk or add the powder to a smoothie - however you like it best! For a good consistency, we recommend shaking or stirring the liquid well or blending it in a blender.

Can I combine HER ONE probiotic products with HER ONE Skin Glow? 

Yes, you can combine Inner Beauty or gut one with Skin Glow and benefit from the advantages of both products. We recommend taking the probiotics (Inner Beauty/gut one) in the morning and Skin Glow either directly with it or in the evening. But feel free to try out for yourself what fits better into your daily routine!

How do I take Sunrich Protein? 

You can take Sunrich Protein daily in conjunction with a balanced diet and an active lifestyle to improve your vitality.We recommend taking 30 grams daily (2 scoops). Best prepared in 300ml filtered water, herbal drinks or smoothies - the choice is yours!

Can I combine HER ONE probiotics with Sunrich Protein?

Yes, you can! We also offer a Reset Essentials Set including our HER ONE Inner Beauty and Sunrich Protein. Combine Inner Beauty and Sunrich Protein in one delicious smoothie to benefit from both products at once, or take them separately. 

Can men take HER ONE products?

Of course! All HER ONE products are suitable for everyone, regardless of gender and age. Unfortunately, almost twice as many women suffer from digestive complaints on a weekly basis compared to men. This is why HER ONE was initially conceived as a brand of products designed by women for women.

Can kids take HER ONE probiotic products?

Probiotics can also be taken by children. However, the daily dose should be adapted, as it is currently designed for adults. While we recommend a daily dose of Inner Beauty of 2 teaspoons for adults, children should start with a lower dose (0,5-1 teaspoons) and you should pay close attention to their tolerance. In case of intolerance and/or uncertainty, please seek medical advice and stop the intake immediately. As for gut one, given that the daily dose is one capsule per day and therefore cannot be reduced, we would not recommend it for children.

Are HER ONE products vegan? 

Our Inner Beauty, gut one, Sunrich, No Drama and our snacks are 100% natural and vegan. We source our raw ingredients from selected, qualified and, when possible, certified organic suppliers in Germany and the EU. All raw ingredients are of natural origin, made from real fruit, vegetables and plants. We do not use any other additives or preservatives, whether natural or artificial, in our products. For this reason, you will not find any natural sweeteners, colourings or added synthetic vitamins.

Our product Skin Glow is a marine collagen-based supplement - this makes it non-vegan by definition, as collagen is a protein found only in animals. The extract of certain algae with gelling properties, e.g. agar-agar, is often mistakenly titled as vegetable collagen. However, unlike animal collagen, it does not contain proteins as it consists of polysaccharides. Thus, it is a completely different product in chemical as well as functional terms, which cannot provide you with the desired benefits. However, we pay close attention to the origin of our ingredients - this is why our Skin Glow contains high-quality marine collagen from sustainable fisheries, and is produced in France and the EU. If fish is on your menu, you can safely consume Skin Glow, as the collagen is not derived from cattle, pigs or poultry.

Ingredients and allergies

What is Beauty Food?

Beauty Food is ingestible beauty care. Innovative organic food supplements in powder and capsule form, composed of natural plants, fruits, vegetables and special superfood nutrients to support the skin, hair, nails, gut flora and your beauty from the inside out. The HER ONE Beauty Food supplements have been developed together with nutritionists, medical and food industry experts to naturally nourish the skin, mind and body with highly concentrated nutrients such as antioxidants, lactic acid cultures, phytochemicals, vitamins and minerals.

What are food supplements?

Food supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients (i.e. mineral and vitamins) or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect that are marketed in ‚Äúdose‚ÄĚ form. A wide range of nutrients and other ingredients might be present in food supplements. Food supplements are intended to correct nutritional deficiencies, maintain an adequate intake of certain nutrients, or to support specific physiological functions.

In the EU, food supplements are regulated as foods. However, they are subject to special guidelines, e.g. regarding declarations and the freedom of design of the label. Thus, food supplements always show micronutrients (vitamins, minerals, etc.), whereas food products show macronutrients (carbohydrates, sugar, protein, etc.).

Why do HER ONE products count as food supplements?

As explained in¬†question 6.2, food supplements are concentrated sources of nutrients (i.e. mineral and vitamins) or other substances with a nutritional or physiological effect that are marketed in ‚Äúdose‚ÄĚ form. Our products contain a variety of superfoods and natural ingredients aimed at helping you maintain adequate levels of certain nutrients in your diet, thus making a balanced and healthy life easier for you. All our products are marketed in dose form - just check our¬†recommendations¬†on daily intake for further information!

Therefore, HER ONE products fall into the category of food supplements. We ourselves find the word "food supplement" quite daunting. Don’t worry! We have made it our mission to turn the ambiguous and "dusty" food supplement industry around. We stand for honest, natural and transparent products and want to prove that food supplements are better than their reputation.

What allergens do HER ONE products contain?

Our Inner Beauty, gut one and Sunrich are free from allergens such as lactose, gluten or nuts. They are bottled in a factory that also processes soy, fish, shellfish, lactose, gluten, celery, aniseed, mustard, molluscs. According to our bottler, the allergen tests after cleaning show that no traces remain on the machines.

As for Skin Glow, the product is free from allergens such as lactose, gluten or nuts, but contains marine collagen from fish.

Do HER ONE products contain fructose?

As a wellness brand & food company, we are unfortunately not allowed to give medical advice but the feedback from our customers who suffer from fructose intolerance is very positive. Most of our products contain only small amounts of naturally fructose-containing foods, such as freeze-dried strawberries.

Do HER ONE products contain gluten?

All HER ONE products are free from gluten and gluten-containing cereals. However, our products are bottled in a factory where other foods containing gluten are processed. According to our bottler, the allergen tests after cleaning show that no traces remain on the machines. 

Do HER ONE products contain added sugar?

All HER ONE products are made without added sugar. 

Are there any side effects?

All HER ONE products are food-based and in the vast majority of cases are very well tolerated, as long as there is no intolerance to any of the ingredients. So far, we are not aware of any severe side effects. However, if you take probiotics like Inner Beauty or gut one for the first time, your body might need some time to get used to them, which may result in mild stomach and digestive discomfort. However, the majority of our customers quickly return to normal. If you experience any unwanted effects, stop taking the product and consult your doctor.

I have a severe allergy/disease.

All HER ONE products are food-based and in the vast majority of cases very well tolerated. So far, we are not aware of any side effects. If you suffer from a severe allergy or illness, consult your doctor before taking supplements. 

How are our products packaged?

Our products are specially light-protected (UVA and UVB) in a sustainable ultra-violet jar and/or a laminated doypack with aluminium so that the valuable, natural raw materials retain their highly concentrated nutritional value for as long as possible.