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Innovative food supplements & sustainable functional food products.
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0% chemical additives.

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Because everything starts inside the body.

HER ONE founder Chanyu Xu & Chief Medical Officer Rita Ugwu
Empowering Female Health

A central part of HER ONEโ€™s philosophy is creating awareness surrounding womenโ€™s health topics and offering natural, clean and effective solutions. We support women's specific needs throughout all phases of their lives.

Skin Glow โ€“ Marine Collagen Plus | White PeachGut One 3.0 โ€“ Mind & Body BalanceNo Drama โ€“ Hormone Balance & PMS SupportBURN BABY BURN - Fruit Bites with Vitamin-MineralmixBiotic Bliss Ball โ€“ Mango Ashwagandha

Science + nature in harmony

All HER ONE products are based on functional foods and medicinal plants, they are clean and made in Germany.

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The original since 2019: Inner Beauty #pinkdrink

You may have already seen it online: the 'Pink Drink' full of healthy microorganisms to kickstart your day. Our bestselling Inner Beauty contains 25 billion active, natural, good lacto- and bifido bacteria cultures for a balanced inner ecosystem.

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What the HER ONE community says


I am absolutely thrilled because I've actually noticed an improvement. [...] Thank you very much for that! I also find the taste really nice. Itโ€™s now firmly part of my daily routine:) I plan on continuing for longer than the initial 30 days.

Annika Z.

I am really impressed with the product. [...] I've diligently promoted the product to my colleagues because I like it so much. Two of my teammates have already ordered their own! Thank you so much for the great product!


I found out about the product through Instagram and ordered it straight away. I'm satisfied so far because I've used the product for three days and already noticed a difference [...] I'd like to continue taking it.


I'm really impressed by your products... I tested Inner Beauty with a friend and we immediately thought it was great. I'm still in the "test phase", but I'm already convinced. The attentive customer service also makes me feel like I'm in good hands with her1. Thanks for everything! ๐Ÿฅฐ


I can only tell you positive things. [...] I had a lot of problems with nausea early on in my pregnancy and couldn't take it regularly. But now that I am slowly feeling better, I stir it into my yoghurt. And it tastes soooo incredibly good, as if I had freshly picked strawberries in my breakfast. So thankful for this!


Since we have a 1-year-old daughter at home, it's hard to make time for myself. So far the product is slowly but surely making a difference. [...] I am really impressed and have ordered another jar.


I am completely amazed! I have been using the product since the beginning of my pregnancy! I feel cleansed from the inside! Cravings [...] are a thing of the past! [...]A vegan product made in Germany! Already, I've had nice contact with the team. The prices are completely justified and all payment options are possible! I will definitely continue to use the product!


As for my love of your product, I have to say: we are currently on holiday and of course it has come along with us :) nothing else has helped me so far and I have already extensively recommended it to others :)


It's very good. I noticed an improvement very quickly. I'm so thankful to her1 for that. I chose the product because it comes as a powder. Because nowadays there are too many tablets and I wanted to get away from that. So I'm always looking for supplements which come as powders or drops. I am very impressed with it. I would like to try out more. The only problem is the price, because it's not exactly cheap. But I will keep at it and I can only recommend it. Keep up the good work, I think its great. I'll keep my fingers crossed that things continue to go well.


Itโ€™s important to know what we are feeding our bodies. That is why we are:


At HER ONE, we stand for absolute transparency. We source our raw materials from qualified and certified organic suppliers in Germany and across Europe. All raw materials are of natural origin, made from real fruits, vegetables, plants and wholefoods.


We decided to rethink traditional beauty, skin and body care because it all starts inside the body. When our body is supplied with enough "good" nutrients, we feel better and our skin looks healthier. Our formulas are based on current studies in nutrition and women's health.


For us, quality means a local and sustainable value chain. Currently we focus on a local supply chain and production in Germany - where we are based. All HER ONE partners meet the highest German and European food and safety regulations. While putting so much effort in our supply chain we make to add an extra dose of love and care to our production.